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We offer a wide range of activities to suit each child. Our Multi-Activity courses see children grouped by age and spending the day with their designated Coach. Each day children get the chance to participate in a variety of sports and games, and to choose from activities in our Creation Zone and our Art Zone. Each child will receive a certificate of attendance.

Sports & Games

Sport activities on offer include soft tennis, football, netball, lacrosse, dodgeball, kwik cricket, unihoc, tag rugby, basketball, danish longball, parachute, ultimate frisbee, avalanche, obstacle course, mini Olympics, and multi-skill themes such as Pirates, Outer Space, The Jungle and more!

We've added Giant Connect 4 too!

Creation Zone


Our less energetic activities include Lego, puzzles, circle games, building blocks, origami. With drama based activities to choose including song and dance.


Art Zone

One session each day sees children offered the chance to be creative within Arts & Craft. This may involve painting, collage, hat & mask making, 'selfie' portraits, posters, short stories, paper play and more.

Extended Day 

Our extended day means children can stay until 5.30pm. Collection is between 5.00-5.30pm.

The departure activities tend to be more relaxed and allow all children to mix together irrespective of age.

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