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Term Time Program

After-school program

'Multi-skills' & 'Sport Specific' 


Our after-school provision offers children the opportunity to be more physically active, in a fun & motivating environment.


The multi-skills program develops physical skills of run & jump, throw & catch, strike & dodge, combined with improving team work, resilience and problem solving.

The sport-specific program takes a fun approach towards improvement in a chosen sport, for example, football.

During school

'On-the-go' Games Programs


We deliver physically active sessions within the school timetable, lunchtime clubs, PPA cover, teacher CPD, sport-specific sessions and multi-skills courses.


Aligned to the National Curriculum for PE, children make progress acquiring and developing skills, selecting and applying skills, tactical awareness, evaluating performance, and lifestyle choices.

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Sports Consultancy


We consult with sports teams, sportspeople, and organisations to improve sporting performance.

Introduced in 2009, our 'Winning Mentality' resource has been operational within English football in the Premier League and Championship.

Exercise Training


We work with adults and children on a one to one and group training basis to improve physical wellbeing through exercise. 

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